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Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln Dried Firewood

Tree Maintenance Services are now selling firewood!!

With the help of our newly installed ECO powered heat assisted kiln, we can now dry logs throughout the year without using any energy, possibly the first in Scotland. This recent investment enables us to supply logs that burn efficiently with the lowest carbon footprint.  Kiln dried logs provide the ultimate burn quality with maximum heat output. The drying process in our solar powered kiln removes most of the water for you, down to below an average of 20% moisture content.

Burning kiln dried logs will help prevent a build-up of soot or tar in your chimney or flue and because you get so much additional heat output, you will use less kiln dried logs than seasoned logs, saving you money.

We have been working hard to make sure our kiln works at its most efficient level, building up stock levels to ensure we can meet your request for logs.

We believe in clear and simple pricing so we charge a fixed price per cubic metre.

Hardwood: £80 per cubic metre
Softwood: £60 per cubic metre
Delivery Charge: Free within a 15 mile radius

Beyond 15 miles will be subject to delivery charge between £10 and £20 depending on distance.